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Steve Hardison “The Ultimate Coach” Joins the Miracle Leader Hall of Fame
August 28, 2008, 11:34 am
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     We are honoring Steve Hardison and welcoming him into the Miracle Leader Hall of Fame. Anyone who has been in the presence of the legendary Steve Hardison will know exactly why. Steve has no boundaries as to how far he will go to be of service. To be in Steve’s presence is to experience unconditional love.

     Coaching with Steve demolished my comfort zone. Our conversations revealed profound breakthroughs and made me a much better coach. Steve showed me how to create miracles and reminded me that I am a miracle, we are all miracles and we are surrounded by miracles – but only if we are looking for them and slow down enough to see them.

     I was recently asked to contribute to the In the Company of Leaders book for the Toastmasters International leadership conference and I wrote about Steve Hardison and the power of his presence and the Herculean impact of who is being. Here is an excerpt from that article…

Steve came to the microphone and stood there soaking up the room. His presence was palpable. It was truly remarkable as his azure blue eyes glistened through his glasses at the audience. He stood silently looking out at all of us.  While Steve was not looking directly at me, I could really feel his presence, and something began to shift in my body as if he was my very Soul was opening up my Soul …  He was calm and powerful, relaxed and nervous all in the same breath. How can that be? There was raw power there. He wasn’t saying anything – not a word. The room was hushed and got grew increasingly quiet as we all waited for him to speak…a few people began to shift in their seats…. It was apparent that many people were uncomfortable with the silence. What would he say? Would he ever speak at all?  The clock ticked…30 seconds. He looked out at us again, this time more fully…he connected more deeply. It was as if he was going deeper into his own heart…his own Spirit and as he went deeper I felt myself go deeper. This was so weird. “Say something”, I thought to myself. “I want you to speak. I want to hear what you have to say.”

      His mouth finally opened and the words tried to come out. The first word was broken. He swallowed hard and began again. This time his heart connected with his mouth and his every ounce of being. His eyes filled with emotion and power filled integrity. He said, “My Name is Steve Hardison and I want all of you to know I LOVE YOU.”

     The room grew quieter still as if they were in the calm before a hurricane. The hurricane did come immediately following that statement in the form of a thunderous round of applause which erupted as thousands of people gave a standing ovation for the powerful demonstration Steve had given us. He said very little and yet his five minutes spoke volumes to all of us.

CLICK HERE to visit the Miracle Leader Hall of Fame to read the interview with Steve and experience the life changing power of a conversation with this truly extraordinary coach and human being.


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This man is powerful. He is an absolute influence for good in my life.

Comment by nicktsmith

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